Sunday, September 23, 2012

Special Thanks

I wanted to take a moment to thank our amazing sponsors for providing us with their unparalleled support. This weekend was a success; 12 riders, 12 bikes, 12 smiling faces, and 1 dunk in a cold lake! Sports garage, thanks for providing us with shade and work stands. Paul's coffee, thanks providing our parents with the needed energy to cook breakfast. Whole foods, thanks for the race day nutrition and water. Boulder Center for sports medicine, we look foreword to working with you. Special thanks to Paul at Rocky Mounts for a last minute save! The rack works amazingly.

-Griffith Wendland
Team Captain
Monarch Senior 2013

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yesterday's Ride Impressions

Riders At High Plains Trailhead
names left -right
Jordan - Griff - Trax - Zack - Alex - Grant - Camron - Derek - Shawna - Jenni
Hey Everyone...fantastic ride yesterday! I was so impressed to see such a large number of people out to participate. Everyone seems to be improving incredibly throughout the season so far. Be proud of the ride yesterday! For some of you it was a 1st and for others one of many, but you all worked hard...

There are some lessons to be learned. Most importantly, bring MORE WATER! Besides that you all did great. I look forward to seeing everyone at the flat changing seminar and this weekend at the race!

Griffith Wendland
Team Captain

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Race #1 is being held in Nathrop, Colorado.  Registration and other information about the race can be found on the Colorado League home page, and you may stop by Coach Rob Linnenberger's classroom if you have any questions or need help registering in the pit zone.

The first race is Sunday September 9th.  Myself and a few others will be going to the race venue in Nathrop on Saturday morning, September 8th.  We volunteer to set up the course, then we do a late afternoon team pre-ride, and then the team camps out at Chalk Creek Campground together.

Myself, Nell Jordan and Alex Mendoza will be at least three adults that will be chaperoning the racers at the team camp-out.    We have tent site reservations for six riders at Chalk Creek Campground at the moment.

Please send me an email asap if you plan to camp out the night before the race with the team, so that I knwo if we need to book additional spots. or 720-299-5835 cell.

The camping is a very fun team bonding experience that the riders have really enjoyed in prior seasons.  You do NOT have to race to come to the event and participate in the camping and riding experience.

We will need parent assistance with transportation and food for the camp-out and race day.

Ride on!
Asst. Coach Shawna

Coaching Update

Great practice today everyone! We are soooooooo excited about all of you new awesome Freshman. Thanks for being a part of our club; Marav, Derek, Elijah, Zac, Justin, and Brandon!

Remember, there is NOT a practice this Friday because school is not in session. Try to get out and ride a couple times over the holiday weekend! See you next week.
Asst. Coach Shawna

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Assistant coach update:

The first ride of the season was a great success! We had five riders; Griff, Trax, Cameron, Derek, and Zac. Zac and Derek are two new Freshman riders that seem very enthusiastic. Welcome to the Club!

We also have a new parent volunteer this year. Alex M. Will be joining us every Wed. Thank you for your commitment to Monarch, Alex. We appreciate you.

For Friday's ride, please bring  three goals that you'd like to accomplish in Mtn Bike Club this season. They can be as simple as "meet new friends", "ride my first race", learn how to change a tire on the trial, etc. Coach Rob and I will revisit your goals with you mid season at at the season end.

Lastly, a plug for new female riders. I am going to give a $100 gift certificate to any club memeber that successfully brings a new female into the club that races. We need girls! They are a vital ingredient to the long term success of our club.

Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Meeting & Ride!

Our first meeting is this Wednesday Aug. 22 @ 8:15 in Mr. Linnenberger's Room (B118). We look forward to seeing all of you there, old faces and new. Expect the meeting to run for about one hour, but if you need to leave early for help during tutor time just let us know.

Also Wednesday afternoon will be our first official practice. If you want to ride with us bring your bike and all other attire you use for riding; shoes (must cover toes), helmet, water (lots, hydration pack suggested), food (easy to eat on bike, energy gels, fruit, etc.), and bring sunscreen. We will provide necessary tools for changing flats, extra water (just in case), first aid, tools for quick trail fixes, and our smiling faces.

Before you can ride you must fill out a waiver, these can be found on Mr. Linneberger's website here.
We all are looking forward to seeing everyone that can make it out on Wednesday!

Following our ride, there will be a parents meeting in Mr. Linnenberger's room (B118) @ 8:00PM shortly after Back to School night at monarch high school

Griffith Wendland
Team Captain
Monarch Senior 2012-2023

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Thanks To Our Sponsors

I, as well as the rest of the team, am incredibly thankful for those sponsors that have came on board for this season. The support you have given us so far, as well as what is to come is much appreciated. We're working on some exciting stuff regarding team activities, volunteer work, and team bonding. Keep checking this site for updates on the season.